Categories of Equipment and Services in The Exhibition 2019

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18th International Police, Security & Safety Equipment Exhibition will be held with the following purposes:

Meet the newest technologies, accessories and equipment of the police, and safety & security sectors.
Improve the process of order
Encourage domestic and foreign investors in manufacturing and trade of safety and security industries
Promoting a culture of the usage of safety and security equipment and reduce financial loss and death toll caused by accidents and crimes.

Location: Musalla of Imam Khomeini


 30 Oct – 3 Sep

Exhibition Area: 60.000 m2

Other Events in the Exhibition:

  • Holding educational workshops and scientific conferences
  • Creating the trading negotiations room (As the outcomes of the domestic and foreign merchants contract & agreements and meeting with authorities’ state organizations)


Countries that participated In the previous exhibitions:
Countries that participated In the previous exhibitions: $20.00
Germany, Italy, France, England, Australia, Netherland, Spain, China, India, Cyprus, Pakistan, Lebanon, Jordan, Sudan, Canada, Poland, Japan, Denmark, Austria, Iraq, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Sweden.